Wednesday, October 18, 2017

8 Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back To Bali, Indonesia

People always ask me “Why are you always in Bali?”, “What do you do there?”, “Do you have a house in Bali?” “Are you migrating?”. Well, nope. I simply go there for vacation. It’s just that I believe that if you love something, go back for it. And if you can, go back to it every time you get the chance.

Bali is located in Indonesia, it’s not like the other countries I’ve been to like Korea, Singapore or Hong Kong where everything seems to be easy like commuting or going around the city. Most especially, it’s like the complete opposite of Jakarta. (Indonesia’s capital) So here we go, after three return trips to Bali I made a list about why I keep on coming back.

It’s basically cheap from food to transportation, the goods and even surf lessons! One meal is ranging from 35,000 IDR (120php) to 70,000 IDR (250php). Bottled water costs 5,000 IDR (17php). For transportation, you can even rent a car with driver for 350,000 IDR (1,200php) or 10 hours that’s already good for your whole group.

 It’s very laidback. 
I really don’t know but whenever I’m in Bali, I tend to naturally distress just by being there. Maybe it's the ocean and its big a** waves or maybe the people around?

 This island never runs out of wonderful sceneries. 
I’ve been there three times and there’s still a lot left to explore. I love Uluwatu, Nusa Dua and Ubud.

 The chill and party places.
 My favorites are La Plancha, Single Fin, Motel Mexicola and La Favela.

Specially in Kuta and Tanah Lot.

 Their richness in culture.
 I think this is one of the greatest factor why Bali is beautiful, you can see how they’re very well of when it comes to culture and religion. It's one thing that they're really proud of.

Meditation by nature itself.
From one place or another, you'll for sure find yourself gratifying with surroundings.

Bintang and Nasi Goreng. 
Need I say more? Of course you won’t keep on coming back to a place where you hate the food. 

There you go! I made this one short, simple and random. I just made this list for five minutes and put together what came first in my mind. :)

What's your favorite destination? #GoForIt and share the place you love! :)
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