Thursday, January 18, 2018

Traveling to Bali & The Unusual Tourist Spots

Last October 25, 2016- I traveled back to Bali, Indonesia for the fourth time. Pressing the rewind button back to 19th of October, I have no notion that in less than a week, I'll be staying for twelve freaking days in my favorite island until Ave called me that Philippine Airlines booked a ticket for us. I got excited and low-key flustered because I have 5 days to prepare for everything. Good thing, I have 30kg baggage allowance so I could just toss my whole closet in my luggage! Now fast forward to the day of our flight. I met up with Ave at NAIA Terminal 2 for our 9pm flight.

I love flying with Philippine Airlines because I tend to have a decent sleep every time I travel with them. In the economy class, we have sufficient legroom to stay relaxed for the 4-hour flight.

Included in their inflight entertainments are movies and travel magazines. 

Meals were served after our take off. We also had 2 glasses of red wine that are enough to put us to good sleep. 

I actually panicked when I left my neck pillow at home, good thing they also provide pillows and blankets. Don't worry! They're sanitized :)

I'm a bit excited for this trip because our blogger friends from Indonesia told us that they would take us to scenic spots that are not touristy. Here's a quick run through!

This photo was taken on the road while we're on our way to Desa Pinggan Kintamani, it's one of the best spots to watch the sunrise. 

I've been to several waterfalls in Bali and they are all crowded. Guess what? We had this waterfalls in Padangbulia all to ourselves. 

Another is the Tukad Cepung Waterfall

And I found the door! I've been looking for this ever since my first time and I'm happy I finally made it to Handara Gate! It's a golf club entrance, by the way.

Last is Nusa Penida. It's an island that's an hour boat away from Sanur, Bali. Too bad we only had a day to meander around so out of more than 10 spots, we got to visit 4 of them and left us in total awe. What if we visited all of them? Well at least I have a good reason to come back :)

 Nusa Penida is like Batanes and Coron's beauty combined in one huge island located in the South Eastern coast of Bali. Not only it's good for sight seeing, it's also best for diving.

That's it for now! I've got tons of blog posts left for this trip and I can't wait to share the places we stayed in and the best food spots in Bali!

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