Monday, January 22, 2018

A New Tempura Twist

I grew up from a family who loves Japanese food, and as far as I can remember I was introduced to sushi, katsu and tempura when I was just in preschool. Tokyo Tokyo is one of the most distinct restaurants that I have in memory as a child and because I love shrimps, I always order Tempura-- until today. I’m not even kidding. Haha. 

This simple, yet delectable dish that consists of your favorite seafood, is battered and fried to perfection making it a delicious snack or viand. (I’m craving while writing this!!) But wait...there’s more! Tokyo Tokyo doesn't just love to keep up with its tradition of making high-quality, delicious and reachable Japanese food to Filipinos, they also love to recreate dishes with colorful and exhilarating twists.

One of it is the new Red Togarashi Tempura! A spicier variant of the Classic Prawn Tempura that’s cooked to perfection in its bright red breading sprinkled with togarashi- a distinct blend of Japanese chili peppers. What a unique and thrilling take on tempura especially for someone who loves anything spicy- like me! :)

Spice things up with the new Red Togarashi Tempura at Tokyo Tokyo for only Php 175! This meal comes with 3 pieces of  tempura, vegetable misono, tempura sauce, and unlimited rice (for dine-in customers only) to fill your tummy with a complete Japanese meal. You can also order 4-piece and 6-piece tempura platters with any combination of classic and red tempura!
Time to run to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo! I’m seriously craving!