Saturday, July 1, 2017

SM Gadgets Fair 2017

Whenever I go to malls, I always end up entering gadget stores not to shop right away, of course, but to simply test out gadgets like camera, phones and laptop. And when I heard about SM Gadgets Fair, I immediately imagined that it'll be a haven for all those who love cameras, music, mobile phones and family entertainment by showcasing some of our favorite brands like Sony, Fujifilm, Samsung, and GoPro. Add up the freebies and discounts, what more can you ask for right? Here's a little tour of what's in store during SM Gadgets Fair 2017 featuring my favorite booths.

I've been using Fujifilm X-A3 for about a almost year now so when I saw their booth, I got excited to check out their freebies and discounts!

Oppo is currently making a noise in the Android phone industry. Of course, they wont they us miss them out in one of the biggest gadget fairs this year.

Next is the Coloud Headphones that is perfect for the music enthusiasts. 
They offered 15% discount during the fair!

Next, I must say, is a distinct part of Filipino culture. If you were to bring your lolas and lolos, this booth would be their tambayan- the Grand Videoke booth. Haha!

Another booth that's the center of attention is Samsung because they recently just launched their S8 phone and here, we got to try it out. I NEED THIS AND I AM IN LOVE.

Next stop is yet again, for photography enthusiasts. Who wouldn't know about SONY?

There are also brands that carries gadget accessories such as Remax chargers and Halo Mobile Clothing.

The event also featured the experts from the individual brands who shared tips for the mallgoers. One of the perks for dropping by! ;)

The Gadgets Fair 2017 is in partnership with Fujifilm, Sony, Go Pro, Oppo, Samsung, Altec Lansing, Coloud, Braven, Audio Technica, Xtreme Magic Sing, Grand Videoke, Magic Carry-Oke and Philippe Gadgets.

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