Thursday, July 6, 2017

How I Prepare My Body For Beach Trips

Getting back to shape was one of my struggles since I started gaining weight two years ago. I love going to the beach and for years, I've never been conscious about wearing bikinis until the time that I gained 20lbs. The battle was real but as much as possible I tried to control my meals, exercise once in a while and ditch desserts. A year has passed and still, the attempt in losing few pounds continue as I always go to events and travel. Aside from trying to ignore the good food, my schedule couldn't keep up. So allotting time to work out at least four times a week became a struggle for me.

Unexpected beach trips started to become exciting to pestering just because I don't have time to gear up my body to wear bikinis. That's when I started to look for alternatives, or at least something that could help me look prepared for the beach.

The solution- a visit to my Flawless family! Here's a little secret that I will share to you.

At least 3 weeks before my trip, I make sure to have at least two sessions of Mesolipo Treatment- the process melts localized fat by injecting a concoction of active slimming ingredients into problem areas focusing on your major concern. In my case, I do it in my tummy. Of course, with the help of diet and exercise, results will be achieved in no time. The process was quick but it includes tiny needles so you should prepare for it if you're afraid of injections. Don't worry, they numb the area first with ice and gets it done for a few minutes! Possible bruises will appear but they vanish few days after.

A week before the beach trip, I pay another visit to do Shape and Sculpt Treatment- it uses ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency and interference frequency to blast localized fats and help tone the muscles. For me, this process is more difficult to get through merely because I get easily tickled but as always, they do it fast for like 30 minutes or less. Aside from losing an inch after the treatment, my belly became firmer.

So, there you go! With no fuss, I'm prepared to wear a bikini! Don't forget to still stick with your diet and exercise because these treatments works best along with it and results will be more visible- based on my experience! ;) 

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