Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Journey To Having The Perfect Smile

I've always thought that I have the perfect set of  teeth. Knowing that my only concern is filling some of the tooth and just cleaning them, I never had the urge to visit the dentist because all I know is that I'm only  facing minor concerns and they are not that important BUT I WAS WRONG. One day, when I got an e-mail from Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center, I decided that it's time to check how wrong I was. 

Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center is located at the 3rd floor of  Medical  Center Makati. Unlike any other clinics, they offer coffee, tea or wine to the patients and their company in their cozy waiting area. They also provide relaxing background music depends on their patient to give them the best experience while having a certain treatment done. I was really scared at first because I have a fear  with dentists since I was a kid but it was set aside when Dr. Apostol and her wife welcomed me with enthusiasm. 

On the very same day, I had my teeth checked and discovered that I'm far from having the perfect set of teeth from how it looks in my selfies. Aside from filling and braces installation, I also need to undergo a minor surgery to remove some of my hopeless tooth and they offered me to have mini implants to i won't have to wear dentures. Yay! It's exciting yet terrifying haha. Hearing the words minor surgery, implants and braces were a lot for me to take in one sitting!

First, Dr. Apostol fixed the teeth that needs filling and scheduled my minor surgery for the week after. They were very hands on as his wife, Elaine, constantly texts me to remind me about the preparation that I need to do before the surgery day. Upon researching about the process, I got a bit scared because some says that there will be a lot of blood involved and it will hurt for few days. Some also told me that it's possible for me to have a fever the next day. and guess what my dentist told me beforehand? "You can do it. It wont hurt that much" What???

And when the day finally came... I questioned myself (post-surgery)... "Why did i half-trusted my dentist?" Because I honestly didn't feel a thing during the process and I'm on my normal self and energy-level the next day. That's when I knew that dentists are not that scary at all. Haha. The next process was getting my braces installed and right now (July 6th, 2017)  I'm on my second week of wearing it. More months to go!

I'm currently halfway through having the perfect teeth and I'm excited with the results! Thanks to Dr. Apostol and his wife for helping me achieve it. I have never been more impressed with a dental clinics before because I find them boring and scary, but this one is an exception! That's why dental visits are one of the few things that makes me giddy right now. 

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I will do another post about my journey to the perfect smile! :)