Sunday, May 28, 2017

Keeping My Summer Cool

Everyone knows that Summer is my favorite season. Even though all throughout the year you can see me in the beaches around the Philippines, I must say that it's still way warmer during summer and I still need to prepare myself for that- and it starts with my head. You know, when you keep your head cool, the rest will follow.

Because we live in a tropical country,  Filipinos tend to be more prone of having dandruff. The heat and humidity makes it conducive for the microorganisms to grown and because of heat, the natural oil we produce on the scalp tends to spread and be absorbed by our hair making it greasy. That has got to be icky and itchy, right? That's why for me to stay fresh and cool this summer, I use the new Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh. Its fresh scent is produced through a novel technology and zinc action formula which thoroughly cleanses our hair, providing a lasting effect. 

I will never let this dilemma stop me from enjoying my beach trips this summer because a cool head makes a cool summer! Stay fresh this season with Head & Shoulders.