Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where To Stay In Taipei?

Last February, I visited Taiwan with my friends for the first time. It was a very unprompted trip that was booked roughly a month before that's why planning our itinerary, outfits and place to stay at was all a flash. Thankfully, itinerary was a no-brainer since Taiwan has a lot to offer (will write about it on my next post) while for the accommodation, we relied with AirBnB because we're going as a group.

While searching for the finest places to stay at, I found this very arsty bed and breakfast that's really Instagram worthy in all corners. This place is ideal for friends and family plus it's reasonably priced compared to hotels if you are on a budget. Here's a quick tour!

It has a spacious living room with television

They also have a kitchen that's fully equipped you would think that you're in your own home.

A very dainty and elegant dining room beside the kitchen.


Oh, by the way, the bathroom is also photogenic, I must say.

Now for the bedrooms, this unit has three where you can fit six people.
Look at those stunner walls and bed sheets!

Reasons why I love to stay here:
1. It's near the MRT station, about 3-5 minute walk.
2. Convenience stores are all around the vicinity
3. It's equipped with passcode locks 
(All their AirBnB's by the way)
4. They have everything you need such as universal sockets, slippers, toiletries, umbrellas, towels, shower gel, mineral water, blow-dry, name it all, they have it,.
5. The interiors are intricately designed.

If you want to book this AirBnb,

Here's a preview of some of their rooms/ apartments, I will provide the links below if you want to check them out :)

View the rest of their listings from Datong and Sanchong District:

More Taiwan posts to follow! :)