Monday, March 6, 2017

What's The Best Move?

Isn't it the best feeling whenever we meet someone who knocks us off our feet, or makes our spine shiver whenever they utter an endearing line? Well of course, nothing beats the power of words because it's the first step to catch someones interest. I've been in a relationship with the same person for the longest time yet it still makes me recall sometimes how everything started.

It's kind of cliche but we began as high school crushes. Meet Daim, he's my boyfriend since sophomore high school, and trust me, the first time i met him is such an eye roller. He's one of those annoying guys in class and I'm on the side of the serious ones. But when sophomore year came, he became  one of my closest friends and realized that he's more than just an infuriating guy- he is also a lead actor in our annual play, vocalist in our school band, a varsity, lead dancer in all our batch's performances and a math genius (kind of). And for all those, he finally became my crush.

How did i make a move? Of course, show beyond doubt that you have the same interest. He's in a band so i started listening to Fall Out Boy. He's a lead actor in our play, so i took a role where i can share a scene with him. He's a varsity, i started watching NBA. He's a dancer, so i tried to learn at least. He loves math, so i showed him how much i hate it and suck at it. Mean Girls style haha.

And guess what? Everything worked because here we are on our 9th year. It has been a bumpy ride but the story about how we started will always be my favorite. I'm telling you, confidence is the best way to show your move.

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You'll never know if you never try! ;)