Thursday, December 15, 2016

Armani/ Casa

It’s not your typical home away from home, Armani/Casa’s impressive catalog of spaces takes every traveler to a virtual exploration of the world, allowing one to experience cultural distinctions that change and alter from place to place, without losing the single thread that holds each space together—it’s called the Armani/Casa aesthetic.

For over 50 years now, Giorgio Armani has brought impeccable design from runway to retailers, restaurants to residences worldwide. From timelessly tailored threads to sweeping silhouettes, his expertise in warm, highly comfortable sophistication has prevailed globally. Since the inception of Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio in 2003, this same delicate elegance has seeped into modern architecture in several urban centers from coast to coast, covering Europe and the Middle East.

Imagine overlooking Istanbul’s breathtaking Bosphorus through sweeping curvilinear walls—this is Armani’s Macka residences. Playing host to a beautiful array of monochromatic, richly textured furnishings and finishes, interiors complement and elevate the great and majestic outdoors.

Feel the verve, passion and rhythm of Italian life through contrasting spaces in sublime palettes.

Relish in the traditional architecture and romance of Rome in a private townhouse re-envisions this bustling world of antiquities and modern life. Stripped of all its furbelows, a chic and sparsely modern home becomes the ultimate blank canvas against the colors of one of the world’s most historic cities. Walk barefoot in the warmth of Southern France in a private Saint Tropez villa. Take inspiration from the relaxed atmosphere and get away from the hustle in a home infused with the relaxing cool-toned grays.

Experience the refreshing cityscape of Manila in a state of the art structure. Century Spire’s progressive form, designed by Daniel Libeskind takes inspiration from the fast-rising growth of this revitalized city, and compliments the high vitality with luxe, lush interiors, all molded, shaped and adapted to Asia’s unique tastes.

Going worldwide has never been more reachable, more stimulating and more revitalizing with Armani/Casa’s efforts to take one’s wanderlust and run with it. All corners of the globe that live, breathe and are invigorated by beautiful design prove that the world is our oyster and we can take it by the reins.