Monday, December 26, 2016

2016: Let The Universe Rush In

They say if you love something, you have to keep coming back and from then you’ll figure out if the love is fading or if it’s growing even more. Then ask yourself, are you contented? Or are you just trying to find happiness out of it when it has nothing good to compromise?

This year, I have learned to be tough, take risk and go back not just to people, but also to places, moments and feelings. Even when it makes you feel wrong and dense because by doing so, I became sturdier and wiser to know what desires to be driven away and what must stay. 

I fell in love with places, like Bali, where I came back thrice this year just to figure out that until now, I’d still love to come back. And for the certain people whom I assumed have left before, I then figured out that they just needed a break, like how I needed that break.

I also made tons of mistakes where I am proud and I am not ashamed of obliging those because for me, it became a huge part of my growth as a person and to be frank, they became the core of my year – “more mistakes, more lessons learned”

2016 has been pretty bumpy and fun at the same time. I became unhealthy, skipped gym, ate as much junk as I want, made a lot of unwise decisions, traveled until I bled my bank account, but if you’ll ask me if I regret anything? Nope, not a tiny guilt from it. I’m actually fulfilled with all the wrong decisions that I made for guess what? Because of them, I knew the right ones.

So don’t be scared. Make as much mistakes as you can while you’re still young because trust me, you’ll thank yourself later since you finally know how to extricate the decisions that will eventually fail or ultimately work.

As long as it makes you happy, do it and let the universe take you to where you truly belong.

Bring it on, 2017!

And now… Here are the highlights of my year:

Puerto Galera

Baler, Baguio and Bohol!

Went to Bali, thrice this 2016! 

La Union with these babes <3

E! Bloggers Ball with Cha.

Went back to Cebu for Pop District Bazaar and Lechon!

Also, went back to my favorite island here in the Philippines three times this year...  And went scuba diving for the first time. Yes it's in Boracay.

Laboracay and Zoukout with the Clingy Crew <3

Another bucket list: SAW KANYE WEST LIVE!!

Wanderland 2016 with my blogger loves.

And I went farming some time in April. 

Who would forget my week-long gray hair?

Rode the hot air balloon for the first time.

Staycations, La Union, Bataan and Bali with my girls <3

Walked for Style Origin in Trinoma

Got featured in Metro Society.

A hundred #EscapeTYIF's with the mains!

Tagaytay Escape with Parfois


Sperry Event with these beautiful people.

Hong Kong with Ida and my Globe Family <3

Preview Event and Road To Ultra with the crew <3

 That time when I fell in love with El Nido, Palawan.

Survived my first ever talk in MOA for Fujifilm <3

It was indeed a great year! Next up, my 2017 bucket list!
Thank you for reading <3

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