Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hair and Makeup Trend Update for the Season

It's been a while since I wrote a fashion-related blog post because I've been really clouded to which style I'll be sticking with this season and right now it's not just all about dressing up but finding the perfect makeup and hair trend- so that's what I’ll be focusing  on today. First off, make-up! If you're following me for the past years, you have an idea how I cannot leave the house without a red lipstick but right now I'm currently into nude or subtle brown tones matched with imperfect brows and intense contouring. Next is the hair trend which I just recently found out through "OFF THE PAGES"- it's my go-to channel for the latest beauty, lifestyle and fashion trends.

Guess what hairstyle it is? Braids! I know that this style could work on with my makeup and outfits. I've seen a lot of my favorite icons who have already donned different braids and I guess it's time for me to try it out :) As someone who has an ebullient personality and loves to go to the beach, I think this style suites me entirely. One example of a braid that I'm trying out is the multi-braids. I paired this with my favorite makeup look and easy outfit since I think that this hair trend is ideal for someone who doesn't know how to keep her hair in place a.k.a. ME!! :)

In sporting a look like this, I make sure that I have a vigorous and clean scalp. When a scalp is itchy and dry, this is a symptom of dandruff without even seeing actual dandruff/flakes. We always tend to prioritize skin care but forget about our scalp and according to research, only 17% of the people prioritize a healthy scalp while 56% prioritize healthy looking skin without realizing that SCALP IS SKIN TOO which also affects the growth of  healthy hair. 

Good thing I used the NEW Head & Shoulders with 3-Action Scalp-Care before trying out multi-braids. It also has 8x smaller micro zinc particles that penetrate deeper into the scalp so it’s better in cleansing, protecting and moisturizing the scalp giving it the care it deserves!

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