Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beauty Picks Of The Month

It's been a while since I last shared my favorite beauty products but now I'm planning to do this monthly and for August, I'll be focusing on my night regimen. Recently, I discovered Brightskin. It is a website that sells Thai products to the Filipino women that's underrated because of the Japanese and Korean brands. 

Last month, I purchased three products which I believe to be their best-sellers.

Collagen Speedy Cream

A fast-acting repairing cream that's infused with Collagen reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also help in minimizing the appearance of freckles and dark spots. This speedy cream is infused with Marine Blue Vital C which is known to effectively reduce wrinkles within 24 hours.

To see visible results, use this every night before going to sleep then rinse it the morning after.

Sleeping Eye Mask

One of my current and biggest dilemma is my dark under eye so when I saw this product, I immediately placed it on my carts. No thinking twice! This product contains ingredients that effectively whitens dark circles:

MDI Complex that erases dark circles, varicose vein, rosacea and anti wrinkles in the eye area. 
EYESERYL that minimizes the bags under your eyes.
French Ash Tree Extract to make your under eye skin bright and firm. 
Malt Secret of Barley boosts tired eyes and prevents wrinkles.

Extra Body Firming Spray

This is a warming spray they helps in dissolving fats and cellulites. Naming its active ingredients are Vanillyl Butyl Ether that brings hot sensation to the skin, Ginger Extracts that dissolves fats and lessens cellulites and Caffeine to strengthen and firm the skin. I have tried this product before my recent beach trips and I saw minimal results in span of two weeks. You can check out my photos on Instagram (@kattvaldez).

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