Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beach Ready with Flawless

If you're following me on Instagram you will notice that since 2013, going to the beach and wearing bikinis are my favorite thing to do... until I gained 20 freaking pounds last year and maillots became my best friend. I don't know what happened, i love food and I've been really eating a lot ever since then I realized- AGING. Oh dear, I forgot I'm 23.

If you noticed my photos (@kattvaldez) from early this year, I wear one-piece more that bikinis because I'm hiding my size 28 tummy (eek!). Starting then, booked beach trips became my motivation and pressure. I started with portion diet and minimal workouts and thankfully last May, I already lost 8 lbs. Summer will forever be in my vocabulary that's why my beach trips doesn't end in May. Imagine the pressure when I thought layering season is on but i still have Palawan, Bali and Boracay lined up for June and July? I needed help and thankfully FLAWLESS was there to rescue me. First, visited their website to check their services.

The Shape and Sculpt service was then recommended to me. It's one of their services that uses ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency and interference frequency to blast localized fats and tone the muscles. You can just focus on one part of your body that you need to tone and of course, I had the process done in my tummy.

I visited their SM Makati branch because it's the nearest one from my house. I love how the staff are very accommodating to their clients and there's no fuss in waiting. Right when you enter the clinic, you'll see a wide range of products. I use the toner from the oil-control line and the nano whitening supplement. I don't have the actual photos of the process done to me but I took note of the changes. After the shape and sculpt session, I lost an inch measuring 27 to 26. 

Here are some photos after getting the process done. It didn't only help in minimizing the size, they also toned my "abs" so I could look better in these two-piece bikinis! I'm very much satisfied and will definitely book more sessions. It's safe and it's the best incorporated with your diet and workout routine because your fats will continually burn even after the process.

Visit to know more about their services.