Thursday, July 6, 2017

Baguio Summer Ender Part 1

It was my fifth time in Baguio when I visited this May which is kind of different with the rest of my visits because this time, I got an itinerary prepared unlike my usual trips that revolves roughly with just chilling in the cabin playing cards, sipping hot chocolate and perhaps making the most out of the strawberry tahos i see on the road. So let me start off with Azalea Residences.

We arrived in Azalea at around 12 noon, just in time for lunch at Tradisyon. With a mix of some good Filipino and International viands on the menu- forget about diet.

Whenever I look for hotels, the bed and bathroom are my number one priorities. Guess what, Azalea topped them! Can you just picture staying in Baguio with 18 degrees and your bed is too inviting... How did I manage to get up every morning? I didn’t know either Haha.

Right after our siesta, we went out for our much need afternoon coffee fix. Cafe Yagam is a homey coffee shop with the ambiance of family home, accentuated with the vintage decorations, paintings and fireplace.

Since we’re in Baguio, the eminent ukay spot in the Philippines, we were assigned to do an ootd challenge wearing thrift-items and here’s what Tracy and I came up with. We incorporated our outfits with the cold weather of Baguio that’s adequate enough to pair a sweater with shorts or skirt.

We quite had a long second day, starting off with Bell Tower. It’s a Taoist Temple located at the border of Baguio and Benguet.

Next stop is the Ben Cab Museum- it's been my second time here but it's just at this moment that i appreciated every piece- my favorite is the one on the left. They have a total of nine galleries full of paintings, sculptures, art installations, drawings and a lot more.

So, that's it for the first half of my Baguio post! Watch out for the next one this weekend x