Monday, May 23, 2016

The Bistrot- Bali

When it comes to eating out, I’ve always been that person who goes for a restaurant with pasta or burgers then I’m good. Last April, through my second time in Bali, I was invited by The Bistrot for lunch. Upon researching the place, I got really pressured on what to wear because it’s not just an archetypal restaurant that you could see in the streets of Bali- but it’s along the streets of Bali anyhow. This restaurant and bar has been conceptualized and dotingly put together by the Morrocan and Belgian team of Zohra and Blaise.

As I entered the place, it seemed like I’m in a different place far from Bali. They are so lucky to have one of these places in the locale because it is so picturesque; the place is really pleasing to the eye. Every furniture is hand-picked by its particular owner who also loves collecting distinctive vintage pieces that they display.

Time to eat! We ordered few of their best sellers and I must say that The Bistrot’s menu is mouth watering. From steaks, burgers, seafood up to their Sangria, wouldn’t mind spending happy hour in this place.

I won't talk much now but let me show you the photos me and my friends took in this lovely place. We never wanted to leave. From the ambiance, food, drinks and serving- rating this 5-star! 


See you on June, Bali! Can't wait to take my friends here <3