Thursday, April 28, 2016

Instagram 101: Polaroid Effect

Finally after receiving comments, tweets and e-mails about how I edit these photos that I've been posting recently and getting tons of "what app" questions, I will share with you guys the step by step process on how I make my Polaroid with Text posts. I'll just make this post simple because I basically use four apps to achieve this.

First, I edit the photo/s that I will use through VSCO app.
My favorite filters are 04, A6, J3, HB2 and SE3 depending on the photo.

Next, for the polaroid framing I use AFTERLIGHT.
Though the app and the frame isn't free, you can use INSTANTS as an alternative.

Next, look for handwritten quotes on PINTEREST and save it.
(Yes, I don't write them and I do not use text overlay apps most of the time.)
NOTE: Make sure that the background of the text is plain white.

Next app, PICSART. Now this is the most complicated part.
But it's still easy!

1. Choose DRAW then select BLANK.
2. Select the canvas size. It may be square, landscape or portrait.
3. On the upper right, click DONE then EDIT IMAGE.

4. Choose ADD IMAGE.
5. Select the polaroid images you edited  + the quote photo.
6. Arrange the photos depending on your preference. 

Last but not the least, select the text, click the NORMAL dropdown options.
Then select MULTIPLY.
That makes the background disappear ;)
Crop the image, then voila! Here's the finished product :)

Hope this helped! Tag me when you made one! :)