Monday, January 4, 2016

2015: Adventures and Misadventures

Every time I start another year, I constantly ask myself, “What’s the worst thing that I’ve done this year?” you say, “Why?” Here, love it or not, I’m this person who takes risks in all facets in life. If I tell you what those are, I’d be a playwright of a five-hundred page tragedy. Lol.

Twenty Fifteen has been the most distinct year for me, and wretchedly, it’s because of a “heart-break”. For the first time in years, I’ve finally felt it and I’ve never been more grateful enough for that because what if I experienced it after three or five years? For sure I’d be missing out a lot about life and mainly, livingThe same year, I mastered the art of trailing distinct people and trust me, as we grow older; we need lesser people in life. No, scratch that, because of it, more people came and essentially, mattered. Take note, I met them when I’m in my most horrible self and they actually stayed. And with this, I well-read that it’s not about how long you’ve known a person, it’s about the value of the person itself.

This year, I also traveled, conquered my fears and did few “first times”.

Surfed and spent my birthday in La Union.

Climbed Mt. Batulao. (Hi, Daim :D)

Explored Singapore with one of my closest friends, Joana.

I can't call it a year without visiting my favorite island, Boracay.
Also did cliff-diving for the first time!

Visited Bataan for a shoot with my blogger friends!

Conquered Cebu with my new found friends. More like, family.

Ticked off Bali, Indonesia from my bucket list with my childhood best friend, Sheri! 

Visited Kuala Lumpur alone. My first time to travel alone.

Lastly, my first time to travel out of the country for work. Hello, Bangkok!

But I have to be honest, I partied a lot. Too much, I may say. Lol. I also focused on blogging and attending events the entire year. And here's a quick walk to some of my 2015 highlights and the people I've spent this great year with :)

BFAS with Cher and Vina
One of our Black Market nights with the Clingy Crew
Creamsilk Ball
My favorite confidantes, Joana and Nansei. 
With Cha, Chin, Vina, Jennica and Ida.
Pajama Party with Carla, Earl, Mariel, Ken, Vina and David!
1/100 Tipple and Slaw nights!
NUXE event with blogger babes Chin, Vina and Nikita! Miss you Nikits!
Axe Black Victor!
Batangas with Marielle and the crew.
1 out of 2 healthy and sober nights with them LOL.
Unusual Sangria nights.
Of course, more BFAS legs!
What do I do without you?
Hydro Manila FTW!
That. One. Night.
Alesso with my loves.
Halloween night!
MY IDOLS. Hi Michael and Cha!
2/2 of those healthy and sober nights haha!
One of those pakain ni Mayor Niche!
Preview Ball!
Wine nights with my Mean Girls

The Clingy Crew- Family Picture haha!

I can't post everything here, it might take me 'til 2017 to finish the post. Haha.

2015 was a rough year for me but thank you for all the people who walked with me all the way through the year! It was indeed a year full of adventures and misadventures.

 Here’s to a better 2016 ahead!

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