Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SW Customized Jewelry

Silverworks has been a brand that is a part of our everyday lives, that’s why this time, they released SW Customized Jewelry- a specialized brand under SilverWorks that allows us to show our personal expression, character and style.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Baguio Summer Ender Part 1

It was my fifth time in Baguio when I visited this May which is kind of different with the rest of my visits because this time, I got an itinerary prepared unlike my usual trips that revolves roughly with just chilling in the cabin playing cards, sipping hot chocolate and perhaps making the most out of the strawberry tahos i see on the road. So let me start off with Azalea Residences.

Recent Must-Have: Travalo

I can never leave my house without perfume. But it always hassles me whenever my current favourite scent is either placed in a convoluted huge bottle or with an overstated flower cap. That’s why when Travalo was introduced to me, it became a must-have for me not just when leaving the house but also when I travel.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Bistrot- Bali

When it comes to eating out, I’ve always been that person who goes for a restaurant with pasta or burgers then I’m good. Last April, through my second time in Bali, I was invited by The Bistrot for lunch. Upon researching the place, I got really pressured on what to wear because it’s not just an archetypal restaurant that you could see in the streets of Bali- but it’s along the streets of Bali anyhow. This restaurant and bar has been conceptualized and dotingly put together by the Morrocan and Belgian team of Zohra and Blaise.