Friday, December 19, 2014

Pure Heroine

 Top: Poshpit MNL | Skirt: Romwe | Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios | Shoes: H&M

I know it's been a while... A long while since I last posted on this blog. I've been really reaaaally busy at work but I promise to keep up with my humble blog once my schedule permits (that will be soon, swear!). By the way I wore this last weekend at Bazaar For All Seasons 8! Tried to sport an Autumn look in this tropical country, I hope it worked :P You can follow me on Instagram! @kattvaldez 

Ciao! Photos by Benedict Bigalbal

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

Aside from getting married, I always dreamed of being a bridesmaid someday and that’s because of watching tons of movies! Haha. I have this hobby of browsing through Pinterest and Tumblr for wedding ideas and there’s one thing I knew for sure, I’m going to have the coolest wedding ever but I want it to be intimate, with less of people you don’t really know. And with that vision, I found out about Dresses Of Bridal and they have a wide variety of dresses for every role on a wedding. I will share with you my Top picks for the bridesmaids dresses Ireland.

These first two dresses are more likely for the usual wedding themes, very light and dainty. Perfect for garden and church weddings. The structure of these dresses ensembles a sweet character of bridesmaids. I can imagine a backyard wedding with floral headpieces and pearl accessories. Pink, white, peach and magenta.. That would be the sweetest colors. <3

Red bridesmaids dresses are also perfect for vintage-inspired garden wedding. Red lips, bold lashes, cats-eyeliners.. I can imagine a little pinup-girl attitude with a twist of 70's. You can incorporate these dresses with a fun and playful wedding theme. Perfect for a Marylin Monroe or Twiggy hairstyle!

Sea-colored dresses are of course perfect for beach weddings! A very breezy feel where you can just wear a light make-up and let the hues do that talking! This is my favorite wedding theme ever!! ANd will for sure be my own wedding's theme :) I can imagine sunset kisses with the sound of the waves as a background <3

I can't wait to purchase the perfect dress in this site as soon as I receive a wedding invitation, there's no thinking twice! This would definitely be the perfect online shop for weddings! If you want to check out more bridesmaids dresses, you might as well just visit DressOfBridal because they offer a wide selection of colors and palettes that you can choose from according to your choice of theme. I think I shall bookmark this website for future wedding references. ;)